OpenNMS chrome Extension 1.3 Release!!!

Well, the extension with the bug fixes and minor option changes has been released and is now available for download. Unfortunately, publishing on the chrome store is delayed because of some issues with google’s dashboard, which is supposed to be fixed some time this week. Will update as soon as it is working and available on the store!!!


From Beta to Chrome Store

With the Chrome extension being in beta for a while, we have had some useful feedback from people and been able to address some of their concerns, and more comprehensively complete some of the things we felt needed to be addressed more thoroughly. It is therefore time to move to the next phase, to make it more accessible and so within the next week, the following features will be implemented, as we move from our beta to our first official release.


  1. hosting on google store
  2. first launch opens the options page

Bug Fixes:

  1. Save button now re-loads the application properly
  2. The options page is not reloaded on update

With this release, we are hoping that more people will have access to the extension, and thus we would be able to improve this further. Some improvements have already been included for the next phase and if there is anything you guys would like to add that might be useful in this extension, we appreciate your comments.